History of creation

History of creation

The Industrial Zone Aktobe created in 2015, places in 5 km away from the city, along the international highway “Western Europe-Western China”, territory of which is 200 hectares.

Industrial zone «Aktobe»- the land of industry, transport, communications and othernon-agriculturalpurposes, owned by «SEC  «Aktobe» JSC.

In 2016 the «Management of Industrial Zone Company» LLP was established, aimed at applying an integrated approach to managing the development of the Industrial Zone and effective interaction with investors..

Priority projects of Industrial Zone: chemical industry, metallurgical and mechanical engineering, production of building materials, transport logistics, etc.

General Information:

Total area of IZ is 200 ha, which includes :

Usable area (for projects) – 155 hectares;

Allocated area for projects – 77.8 hectares;

Infrastructure area – 45 hectares.

Reference Information:

22 companies are granted resident status of Industrial Zone «Aktobe», projects investments amounted to 33.737 billion KZT, and created over 1602 jobs, 8 of them are foreign companies projects (Bulgaria,Germany,USA,Russia,Turkey)

Currently, enterprises have already invested 6.2 billion KZT.

Infrastructure Information:

Electricity – 110/35/10 (8.78 tg / kW), with a capacity of 126 MW (2 * 63 MW)

Gas supply – V / D f426 (12.89 tg / m3), capacity 200 m3 / day

Drinking water 110mm (268.78 tg / m3), capacity 200 m3 / day

Technical water 450mm, capacity 4500m3 / day

Sewerage 180 mm (274.87 tg / m3) with a capacity of 200 m3 / day

Railway line L-3063 m