History of creation

History of creation

The industrialzone “Aktobe” (IZ) wascreated in 2015, locatedalong the internationalroute “Western Europe – Western China”, 5 km from the city, 97 km from the border with the Russian Federation

(Orenburg region). Industrialzone

“Aktobe” – the land of industry, transport, communications and othernon-agriculturalpurposes, owned by JSC “SEC” Aktobe “.

In 2016 the «Management of IndustrialZone Company» LLP wasestablished, the main function is to apply an integratedapproach to solving the problems of managing the development of the IndustrialZone and effectiveinteraction with investors.

Priorityprojects of IndustrialZone are : chemicalindustry, metallurgical and mechanicalengineering, production of buildingmaterials, transportlogistics, etc.

The totalarea of the territory is 200 ha:

− Usableindustrial  area (for projects) is 155 ha;

− Allocated  territory for projects  is 78 ha;

− Infrastructureterritory is 45 ha.

General Information:

22 companies are grantedresidentstatus of IndustrialZone of Aktobe, theirprojectsinvestmentsamounted to 33.737 billiontenge, and created over 1602 jobs, 8 of themwereforeigncompanie`sprojects (Bulgaria,Germany,USA,Russia,Turkey)

Currently, enterpriseshavealreadyinvested 6.2 billiontenge.

The volume of the IZ residentsplannedprojects by 2020 is 15, with totalinvestmentsamount  27.5 billiontenge, and addition 722 jobs should be created.

Infrastructure Information: 
Electricity – 110/35/10 (8.78 tg / kW), with a capacity of 126 MW (2 * 63 MW)

Gassupply – V / D f426 (12.89 tg / m3), capacity 200 m3 / day

Drinkingwaterf 110mm (268.78 tg / m3), capacity 200 m3 / day

Technicalwaterf 450mm, capacity 4500m3 / day

Sewerage 180 mm (274.87 tg / m3) with a capacity of 200 m3 / day

Railway line L-3063 m