Subsoil use

Subsoil use operations – works related to the state geological study of the subsoil, exploration and (or) mining, including those related to the exploration and extraction of underground water, medicinal mud, exploration of the subsoil for waste water discharge, as well as construction and (or) operation of underground facilities not related to exploration and (or) production.

JSC SPK Aktobe invites investors to jointly develop the following field



No. Field, Location Brief geological characteristics and mining conditions of the field Unit. Balance. stocks
A + B + C 1 From 2
Sand and gravel
1 Tasaran Shalkar district. 14 km southwest of the railway Art. Togyz. The ASG deposit is traceable up to 2.5 km long. The thickness of the strata is in the range of 8.5-9.8 m. thousand m3 2146.4
Building sand
1 Sarysayskoye-2 Irgiz district. 53 km south-west of the village. Irgiz. The length of the deposit is up to 760m, with a width of up to 200m. Power ranges from 3.0m to 9.9m. The average overburden capacity in the field is 1.3 m. thousand m3 1108.1
2 Kozhasayskoye Mugalzharsky district. 51 km to the southeast from the station Mugodzharskaya. Average thickness 10 m, overburden 0.73 m. thousand m3 3780 5700
3 Alginsky Alginksky district. 20 km to the southwest from the city of Alga. Average thickness 5.5 m, overburden 1.5 m. thousand m3 2490
Building Stone
1 Ulgaysyn I Aitekibi region. 3 km to the east from Ulgaysyn. The field is a lenticular deposit with a length of 320 to 400m, with a width of 200-300m. The average thickness of the thickness is 39.8 m. Overburden – 0.2m. thousand m3 1595
2 Ulgaysyn II Aitekibi region. 3 km to the east from Ulgaysyn. The thickness is composed of diabases. The average thickness is 38.3 m. thousand m3 1473
3 Aksuiskoe Martuk district. 2.5 km south of the village. Aksu. Productive stratum is composed of limestones, dense, fine-grained, fractured. thousand m3 2080
4 Anastasevskoe Kargaly district. 4.5 km to the north-west from the village of Anastasevskoye. This is a steep deposit up to 700m long and 60 to 700m wide. Overburden – 4,5m. thousand m3 4192 1321
Mineral paints
1 NEW KARAGACHTINSKY Kargaly district. 12 km to the southeast from the railway Art. Kimpersai. The host rocks are loam, clay, weathering crust. The thickness is a stratified reservoir. The chemical composition of ocher,%: SiO 2 – 39.28-80.54; TiO 2 – 0.08-1.86; Al 2 O 3 – 2.41–16.21; Fe 2 O 3 – 16.5-75.9; CaO 0.67-2.08; MgO – 1.39-12.63. thousand tons 1186
1 Karatugai Martuk district. 14 km to B from the railway station Karatugai. Chalk is suitable for use as a mineral feed for farm animals and birds. In addition, the chalk of this deposit can be used for building lime of classes B and C, as well as for putty and window
thousand tons 25596.1
2 Novofedorovskoe Martuk district. 45km to NW from the railway Art. Karatugai. The deposit lies in the form of a layer extending to a distance of 1.6 km, with a width of 800 m, and a thickness of the layer is 18 m. Overburden power – from 0 to 5 m. thousand tons 18551 5737
Expanded clay raw materials
1 TAMDIN-2 Alga district. 5 km to B from the railway Art. Tamdy. The reservoir-like deposit measuring 2 x 1.5 km. Mineral power from 3 to 14.5 m. The raw materials were studied in the factory and according to the test results complies with GOST 25264-82 and is suitable for the production of expanded clay gravel. thousand m3 5996 3397
2 KURAILINSKY 7 km to NW from Aktobe The field is a reservoir-like deposit with a length of 1500m and a width of 670m, thickness – 11.42m. Overburden capacity – from 0.5 to 4 m. thousand m3 5864 8200

Rules and procedures for considering investment projects proposed by individuals and legal entities in the field of subsoil use, registration of rights, creation of a joint venture and transfer of subsoil use rights to an investor (partner).

The implementation of investment projects includes the implementation and attraction of investments in projects for the development of mineral deposits of the Aktobe region.

General procedure for all stages of the investment process:

  • Receive and register project proposals.
  • Consideration and analysis of project proposals based on available information about the enterprise, geological information on deposits (sites), technical and economic conditions of subsoil use facilities.
  • Presentation of the project.
  • Development of a commercial proposal and obtaining subsoil use rights.
  • Conclusion of the Agreement on the joint implementation of the investment project and its financing.
  • Creating a joint venture or joining the investor’s share in the company, while the Company’s contribution to the charter capital of the created legal entity or joint venture is the subsoil use right, a strategic contribution the partner (investor) is cash and other property in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the amount necessary for the implementation of the project and the fulfillment of 100% of the obligations under the contract for subsoil use and activities and the joint venture.
  • Industrial development of the field.
  • Procedure for completing the project and leaving the Company from the project.

According to the Concept for the Development of Social and Enterprise Corporations, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 10.31.2012. No. 1382, exit from the project is envisaged if the project company has prospects for the implementation of the investment project without the participation of the SEC.


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