Support and promotion of investment projects

Support and promotion of investment projects

Assistance and promotion of investment projects is a complex of interrelated activities that ensure information accessibility of the project for investors, help to obtain support from banks, investors and state institutions, reduce risks in the implementation of the project.


What does support of investment projects  include?

  • Searching for investors to implement investment projects;
  •  Selection of investment platforms for placement and implementation of the project;
  •  Interaction with the Akimat of the Aktobe region on the investment project assistance;
  •  Support in obtaining possible subsidies and state support.


What does the promotion of investment projects include?

  • Creation of an activity plan to promote the project
  •  Informational support
  •  Research and meeting organization with financial institutions
  •  Marketing of the investment project (risk identification, research, project refinement, etc.)


Stages of project support and promotion:

  • We consider the ” one-stop shop ” received application from you
  •  Once the application is received, our employee will contact you to confirm and clarify the information.
  •  We organize the meeting with you, determine the extent of project development, the needs for attracting investments, etc.
  •  Based on the results of the meeting, we will determine further areas of cooperation
  •  If necessary – we will help you to develop property business plan and assist you with selection of investment platforms.
  •  We are implementing the planned activities to support and promote the project.