Evaluation of investment projects

Evaluation of investment projects

We are optimizing your project in accordance with the regular documents of the Administration of Aktobe and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The expertise is carried out by the specialists, as well as by involved specialists with knowledge and experience in the field of financial and investment policyassessment.

«SEC « Aktobe» JSC has all necessary resources to carry out a qualified assessment of projects; issue a conclusion on the expediency of its implementation; prepare documents for submission to banks, investment funds and other financial organizations, institutions of development.


Evaluation of investment projects includes:

  • Economic efficiency of the project
  • Budgetary efficiency of the project
  • Forms and volumes of state support
  • Risks of state support in project implementation
  • Payback period of the project
  • Compliance of the project’s qualitative and quantitative indicators

The stages of selecting investment platforms:

  • We consider the request received from you in the format of ” one-stop shop “;
  • Collect and verify information;
  • Carry out preliminary calculations.
  • Reveal “narrow” places of the project and its financial solvency;
  • Adjust and supplement the initial data on the results of preliminary calculations of financial evaluation;
  • Make the final calculations.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis.
  • We assess the efficiency of investments and its risks;
  • Prepare a report (conclusion) on project feasibility.