Investor Relations

«SEC « Aktobe» has created a system of dialogue platforms, which ensures close and open interaction between investors and the government.  Having made a decision to implement the project in our region, you can rely on the effective solution of issues at any level: from operational to strategic levels.


Scheme of Investor Interaction:

1. Investor:

– Submit a request for support

2. «SEC « Aktobe»JSC:

– Get the notification of Investor on receiving an application;

– Conduct  negotiations with an investor on the investment project and clarify the needs of the investor.

3. Investor:

– Provide additional documents (if necessary):

–  passport of the project;

–  business plan of the project (if available), etc.

4. Investor in conjunction with «SEC « Aktobe»JSC:

Consultations on measures of state support of investors and other services, including:

– Procedure for obtaining investment preferences;

– Procedure of becoming a member of IZ (Industrial Zone “Aktobe”);

– Procedure for consideration an investment projects;

– Procedure for obtaining an investor visa;

– Procedure for obtaining a permit to employ foreign labor;

– Procedure for obtaining a guarantee under the “BRM- 2020” (Business Road Map )Program;

Time of consideration – 1 day

5. «SEC « Aktobe»JSC in conjunction with the Akimat:

Sending a request on belonging of questions to the state institutions, in order to prepare information (proposals) on the investment project with account of the following parameters:

– Evaluation of the investment project with the account of conformity priorities of socio-economic development of the region, development plans, performance criteria, level of preparedness, innovation, etc.,

– Availability of vacant land plots, internal and external engineering, transport, social and other infrastructure and their capacity;

– Other documents.

Time of consideration – 5 days

6. «SEC « Aktobe»JSC:

– Prepare the conclusion of the project

The preparation time is 3 days.

7. «SEC « Aktobe»JSCin conjunction with the Investor:

– Consulting the investor on the choice of the investment platform.

8. «SEC « Aktobe»JSC:in conjunction with the Investor:

– Assisting in registration process of project implementation documents.

Time of procedure – 2-3 months.

9. Monitoring of enterprise activity process, and assistance in solving issues with administrative processes, concerns arising in the  course of their investment activities

The total period is 3 months.


Scheme of investor interaction within «SEC « Aktobe»JSC:

1. Investor:

– Submission of an accompaniment application.

2.The front office of «SEC « Aktobe» JSC:

– Notifying the investor on application receiving;

– Negotiating with the investor and specifying the needs.

Time of consideration – 1 day.

3. Front-office of «SEC « Aktobe» JSC

–  In cooperation with SEC departments split the project responsibility roles, create a working group;

4. «SEC « Aktobe» JSC :

The Department of project`s financial monitoring (in case of co-funding)

Conduction of the Board of Directors meeting

Akimat of Aktobe region:

– Conduction of the Regional Coordination Council

5. The front office of «SEC « Aktobe» JSC:

– Signing of a Joint Venture Agreement.

6. The department of Project Analysis and Support

– Submission for project maintenance.

Procedure time – 5 days

7. Monitoring of enterprise activity process, and assistance in solving issues with administrative processes, concerns arising in the course of their investment activities