Consulting on obtaining state support

Consulting on obtaining state support

With the purpose of increasing investment activity in Aktobe region, development of economy on the basis of manufacture competitive production, improvement of organizations solvency, various rendering mechanismsof the organizations state support are realized in the region.

The following types of investment preferences are granted for the investment project (including the investment priority project):

   Exemption from customs duties:
  • in case of import of technological equipment and its components, not longer than 5 years after registration of the investment contract;
  • in case of import of spare parts for technological equipment for the period of up to 5 years depending on the volume of investments into fixed assets, and in case the investment project corresponds to the list of priority activities;
  • in case of import of raw materials and (or) materials for a period of 5 years from the date of putting into operation of fixed assets.


      State grants :
    • Property owned by the Republic of Kazakhstan, transferred for temporary gratuitous use or provided on the right of temporary gratuitous land plots with subsequent gratuitous transferring into ownership or into land use;
    • the maximum amount of the state in-kind grant is no more than 30% of the investment in fixed assets.


The following investment preferences shall be granted under the investment project:

  • Exemption from customs duties and exemption of import from VAT



The investment priority project can be provided additionally:

          Tax incentives:
    • Reduction of corporate income tax by 100%(10 years);
    • Land tax at zero (0) rate(10 years);
    • Property tax at zero (0) rate(8years).


            Investment subsidies:
  • Compensation provided  up to 30 % of actual expenses for construction and installation works and purchase of equipment.

The rules for granting investment subsidies were approved by Resolution No. 1120 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 29 December 2015.