Suggest a project

Basic project requirements

  • Application of modern technologies and equipment providing high labor productivity and environmental requirements;

  • Product competitiveness;

  • Export orientation or import substitution;

  • Lack of similar products in the region;

  • Good experience and reputation of the project company;

  • CAPEX project of at least 120 million tenge / 1 ha. land plot.

Preferences for projects (including priority investment projects):

  • State in-kind grants – transfer of ownership of land, buildings, structures, machinery and equipment, computers, measuring and regulating instruments and devices, vehicles, production and household equipment, the value of which is no more than 30% of the volume of investments in fixed assets.

Preferences for priority investment projects *:

  • tax benefits: corporate income tax – 0% for 10 years; land tax – 0% for 10 years; property tax – 0% for 8 years;

  • an investment subsidy of up to 30% for the reimbursement of investor costs for construction and installation works and the purchase of equipment;

  • guarantees of legislative stability: tax and in the field of attracting foreign labor;

  • the “one-stop-shop” principle on the basis of the Investment Committee of the MID of the Republic of Kazakhstan (minimizing the participation of investors who have concluded a contract in the collection and preparation of documents, as well as restricting their direct contact with entities providing public services. Thus, all the necessary permits and other documents for implementing projects will be issued in “one window”);

  • attraction of foreign labor for the period prior to commissioning and one year after commissioning of the investment activity object, out of quota and without permits.

  • *Criteria priority investment projects: compliance with the List of priority activities