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Nursultan Nazarbayev


The idea and the initiative to create a socio-entrepreneurial corporations was first announced by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, March 1, 2006 in the Message to people of Kazakhstan "Strategy for Kazakhstan ranking among 50 most competitive countries of the world."



Objectives of JSC "NC" SEC "Aktobe"

Achieving the goal of JSC "NC" SEC "Aktobe" is based on the following key tasks:

The solution of the above tasks will be JSC "NC" SEC "Aktobe" by realization of own and joint projects, as well as participate in the activities of the organizations transferred to the JSC "NC" SEC "Aktobe".

  • Ensure achievement of the company goals and objectives based on the recommendations of the Specialized Council for the SEC under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan taking into account the medium-term plans for socio-economic development strategy of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan for 2003-2015 years and Territorial Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2015.
  • Creation of an effective system of management of state assets;
  • Implementing the principles of corporate social responsibility in the regions.
  • Creation of competitive, export-oriented industries based gosudarstvennogo- private partnership;
  • Formation of a favorable environment for investment and implementation mnnovatsy;
  • The implementation of business projects, including on the basis of concessions and cluster initiative;
  • Creating institutional conditions for development of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Profits on the decision of the regional and social problems;
  • Providing breakthrough development of regions by consolidation of government assets and business initiative;
  • Promotion of economic image of the region on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • Increased productivity of small and medium enterprises through the development of a cluster of production and introduction of new technologies;
  • Formation of business projects base, financing and creation of conditions for their implementation.


Ladies and gentlemen!

Aktobe oblast is one of the major industrial regions of Kazakhstan, which has the great potential for development in the future.

        The region has all conditions for beginning business development of investors with efficient state support to the investor. We are located on the favorable geographical position at the crossroads of transport hubs and Eurasian Economic Union with a population of over 160 million peoples.

We are open for business partners who want to start a business in our region and we are ready to support in every possible way by the state.





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  • Инвесторы развивают индустриальную зону «НК» СПК «Актобе».

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  • Коллектив СПК " Актобе" на субботнике.

  • Аким области Б.М. Сапарбаев посетил бизнес-инкубатор.

    Аким Актюбинской области Б.М. Сапарбаев ознакомился с деятельностью бизнес-инкубатора, созданного по инициативе СПК "Актобе". 
    Бизнес-инкубатор создан на базе ТОО " А-Полиграфия".
    Предприниматели, получили возможность  разместить производство в бизнес-инкубаторе на арендной основе, стоимость которой значительно ниже рыночной. 
    Желающие, могут обратиться в ТОО " А-Полиграфия" (тел.: 56-42-46), либо в СПК "Актобе" (тел.: 74-21-05).

  • В г. Актобе создан бизнес-инкубатор

    В г. Актобе по поручению акима Актюбинской области Б.М. Сапарбаева в целях развития предпринимателства региона национальной компанией СПК "Актобе" создан бизнес-инкубатор. 
    Предприниматели, получили возможность  разместить производство в бизнес-инкубаторе на арендной основе, стоимость которой значительно ниже рыночной. 
    Желающие, могут обратиться в ТОО " А-Полиграфия" (тел.: 56-42-46), либо в СПК "Актобе" (тел.: 74-21-05).

  • In Orenburg, a presentation of the Industrial Zone "Aktobe"


Инвесторы развивают индустриальную зону «НК» СПК «Актобе».

Коллектив СПК " Актобе" на субботнике.

Аким области Б.М. Сапарбаев посетил бизнес-инкубатор.

В г. Актобе создан бизнес-инкубатор

In Orenburg, a presentation of the Industrial Zone "Aktobe"


The subject of activity of JSC "NC" SEC "Aktobe" is:

  • creating a favorable economic environment for investment and innovation;
  • participate in the development and implementation of investment projects;
  • participate in the development and implementation of programs aimed at social development;
  • exploration, extraction, processing of minerals, including the commonly occurring;
  • interaction with public authorities for the transfer of the assets of state-owned land to the ownership of the Company;
  • development and implementation of projects for the rehabilitation and restructuring of the organization, transferred to the State in return for shares of the Company or the creation on their basis of new industries;
  • activities in the agricultural sector, supporting the development of agro-industrial complex;
  • provision of guarantees to ensure obligations to repay borrowed funds agricultural producers JSC "National Company" Food Contract Corporation ";
  • purchase of fixed assets, including breeding animals with subsequent transfer to leasing to agricultural producers;
  • investment activities, including loan operations (except banking), leasing, provision of agricultural producers in the form of leasing and trade credit fixed and current assets to carry out agricultural work on the terms of payment, maturity, repayment and security;
  • production, processing, purchase and sale of agricultural products.

The purpose of the transfer of assets of state property in the SEC - this is their effective use in commercial activities aimed at attracting investment and new projects.

The main principles of activity of JSC "NC" SEC "Aktobe"

Activity is based on the principle of transparency, that is, on the transparency of the system of corporate governance, the principle of completeness - balanced support of initiatives both private and public sectors of the economy and the principle of priority, which means preference for projects that reflected the solution of social problems of the region.

Our projects

Industrial zone "Aktobe"


IZ is located in the industrial zone of Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan, along the highway "Western Europe - Western China", 12 km from the city center, 65 km from the borders of Russian Federation (Orenburg region).

Total area – 200 hectare (available - 165 hectare)

In the industrial zone has finished industrial infrastructure (railroads, automobile roads, power lines, gas pipeline, sewerage, water supply, FOC) up to the outer borders of IZ and along the central axis of IZ. Connection to infrastructure is free. Payment for consumed services is checked by the accounting instruments. The cost of infrastructure maintenance – separate contract with the management company.

The infrastructure of the IZ ready for operation and is ready to place and to provide land for projects.

IZ participant – creates objects of infrastructure on the (purchased/leased) land plot at the expense of own means.

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Строительство домостроительного комбината в городе Актобе


В рамках Государственной программы по форсированному индустриально – инновационному развитию Республики Казахстан и по Государственной программе «Доступное жилье 2020», АО «НК СПК «Актобе» совместно с ТОО «Үй Құрылыс Комбинаты» реализовывает проект строительство домостроительного комбината мощностью 50 тыс.м2 жилья/год, который будет реализовывать проекты жилого комплекса 3,4 класса в городе Актобе.

Расположение: г.Актобе, квартал Промзона, уч.98.

Общая площадь: 10 га.

Цель проекта: Комплексное решение проблем развития жилищного строительства, обеспечивающее дальнейшее повышение доступности жилья для населения;

Общая стоимость проекта: 2 658 млн.тг.

Срок реализации проекта: 2016 год.

Рабочих мест: 103 человека.

Инвестиции: АО «НК «СПК «Актобе» инвестировало в проект денежные средства в сумме 528,7 млн. тенге.

Партнером ТОО «Актобе-Саулет» инвестировано в проект сумму в размере 730,1 млн. тенге. ТОО «Үй құрылыс комбинаты» вложило в качестве инвестиции 1,4 млрд. тенге в виде банковского займа.

«Строительство тепличного комплекса 3 га» ТОО «Актобе-Жылыжай»


Инициатор проекта: ТОО «Актобе - Жылыжай»

Руководитель: Артыков Батыр Амирович

Цель проекта: Создание тепличного комплекса по выращиванию овощей с применением высокотехнологичного оборудования, для обеспечения потребности рынка Актюбинской области в период межсезонья.

Расположение: г. Актобе, п. К.Нокина.

Рабочие места: 35 человек

Мощность проекта: 1500 тонн в год.

Общая стоимость проекта: 1480,0 млн. тенге

Структура финансирования:
АО «КазАгроФинанс» - предоставило оборудование в лизинг на сумму 1,3 млрд.тенге;
АО «НК «СПК Актобе» инвестировало - 416 млн.тенге.

Текущее состояние: Теплица введена в эксплуатацию.

Рынки сбыта: г. Актобе, Актюбинская область, области РК, приграничные области РФ.

Investment projects

The list of projects for investment you can find in included file.


Investment preferences

According to the Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan an investor can get:

1. Incentives for projects (including priority investment projects):

        Exemption from customs duties on the import of equipment, its components and spare parts, raw materials and supplies.

        Kind grants of not more than 30% of the total investment in fixed assets (land plots, buildings, machinery and equipment, computer equipment, measuring and control devices and equipment, vehicles, production and farm(agricultural implements).

2. Incentives for priority investment projects*

        Tax exemptions: Corporate income tax – 0% for 10 years, Land-tax – 0% for 10 years, Property tax – 0%for 8 years.

        Investment subsidies up to 30% for construction and installation works and procurement of equipment after commissioning.

        Guarantee of stability of the legislation: (tax legislation and in the sphere of attraction foreign labor)

        State support of investments by authorized body established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which interacts with investors on the principle of "one stop shop.

   •     Assistance to investors in providing the guaranteed order from the interested legal entities according to the investment contract signed between the authorized body and the investor.


*Criteria for priority investment projects:

        matching the List of Priority Activities(approved by the Government)

Requirements for participants of the industrial zones

Basic requirements for the project:

 the use of modern technologies and equipment;

 competitive products;

 export orientation and import substitution;

 the lack of similar products in the region;

 good experience and reputation of the project company;




Purchases plan


There are no contests at the moment

Purchases result

Purchases result

Purchases rules

Purchases rules will be published soon, please contact for details.

Subsidiary purchases

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Contact information

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