Regional Stabilization Fund

The Regional Stabilization Fund of Food Products is an operational supply of food products created to have a regulated impact on agrifood market and to ensure food security in Aktobe region.

To implement the program for forming, storage and using the regional stabilization fund of Aktobe region, a joint venture LLP “Market Management” was created.

The total balance in regional stabilization fund in off-season 2016-2017 is:

Name Volume (tons)
1 Rise 94
2 Sugar 248
3 Flour 1st grade 95
4 Sunflower oil 50500 l

In order to replenish Stabilization Fund of Aktobe region, futures contracts have been signed to purchase of vegetables for off-season 2017-2018.

Name Volume (tons)
1 Potatoes 1 480
2 Cabbage 100
3 Cabbage 200
4 Bow 200


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